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Re-Ink HP Cartridges for 67 Cents

This is my personal story of how I save money by refilling my cartridge at home.

I have a HP 6310xi All In One Inkjet Printer and I don't spend more than about $8 a year on ink. I print a ream (500 sheets) per week, mostly emails, spreadsheets, pdf documents, etc. (about 95% black).

The printer came with cartridges. I am still using the original black cartridge. Armed with a 125 cc bottle of black HP pigment ink from ($8). I get 12 refills from this bottle. One refill will last me about a little over a month. It depends how much I print, but it averages about 4 to 5 weeks. Then the print starts getting light, and I refill.

The refill process takes me about 5 minutes, from the time I pull the cartridge out, until I put it back in the printer. It is easy, no mess, and pretty effortless.

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  1. I have to say I was a bit skeptical with the idea of refilling at first. I have read nightmare stories on the forums of ink spills and stained carpets.
    However like they say "no risk no reward" so I gave refilling a shot.
    Needless to say I am not only impressed with the ease of refilling but the
    savings I gain as well. With my first refill I gained a savings of over $27.33
    compared to original cartridge prices. I can tell you honestly the two things holding me back from refilling is the time and risk of a permanent
    tattoo on my floor. However after using this refilling method for my
    C9364W cartridge there was NO mess and it only took about five minutes to refill the FIRST time. In this economy I have to say it is a joy to see that I can cut costs so deeply at a time when I need it the most.

    P.S. I will soon be purchasing the refill kit for my Canon CLI8 cartridges.

  2. A refill kit might cost the same price but you can use it to refill your cartridges numerous times. Most kits might come with a tool to puncture your ink cartridge and a tube of ink along with a syringe tip for inserting the ink into the cartridge. You’ll also need something to seal the ink cartridge once you’ve punctured it. We’re going to use hot glue but you could also use scotch tape or any other kind of air type flat tape. Duct tape is not recommended because it’s ridged and that actually let’s air into to your cartridge and it can cause leaking of the ink and it can really not be good for your printer. So the first step is to open your printer and remove the cartridge that you want to fill. We’re going to refill this black cartridge, which has already been refilled before so you can see there’s hot glue sealing the top. First thing you’re going to need is a piece of tape. In this case, duct tape can work but it’s only for a short term cover and not something that you actually want to seal the ink cartridge with. This is to make sure that your ink doesn’t leak while you’re working with a cartridge, so you’ll want to keep this pressed over the ink cartridge head and you want to make sure that it’s very tight and you keep the pressure on the whole time you’re working with the cartridge. So I’m going to peel back the hot glue. Now we’re going to fill the cartridge. You want to make sure that when filling the cartridge the needle doesn’t go all the way in. It should only be towards the top because once you fill it and release the pressure from the inkbottle, it’s going to cause some of that ink to go back up into the bottle if it’s down too far. We’re going to put the needle in just a little bit. Enough to make sure it’s in there and then just squeeze and it’ll fill your cartridge. You should fill slowly and you can watch the ink level rise as you fill the cartridge. Once you’ve filled your cartridge with ink, you can place tape or re-glue the hole very simply. After placing the glue you might want to blow on it and make sure it cools down. After a little period of cooling you can use your finger to press the glue down over the hole and make sure that it’s air tight.
    Good and useful article

  3. I wish I had seen this post many years ago. Then I spent too much money on cartridges. But then I somehow learned about this way of refilling cartridges and did it for a very long time. What for to pay more if you can save some money instead.

  4. Thank you so much for the step by step instructions. I have heard about this method but hadn’t found the instructions until now. I like saving money and your right the time it takes is less than going out to buy the cartridges. I have a Canon printer also.

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