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Is all inkjet ink created equal? A closer look at a popular dyebased ink from eBay.

IMG_8518Several months ago, our tech support staff was contacted by a local customer who had purchased a set of our aftermarket refillable Epson 1400/1430 cartridges to use with aftermarket dye based ink which he had purchased from a popular eBay seller.  The customer was having issues with clogged nozzles and ink drips on prints, which he felt might be issues with our cartridges.  As our techs worked to diagnose the problem the customer was having, other issues that could not be cartridge related, such as poor dry times, were added to the list of deficiencies.  After our techs failed to find any issues with the cartridges themselves, the customer purchased a set of our D2 inks and drained/refilled the cartridges.  After refilling the cartridges, the printer began to function normally.

These types of issues occur quite often in our industry,as the quality of ink is something that the average user has neither the equipment nor the knowledge to test.  In an attempt to get useful data for comparison and troubleshooting, we brought in 3 sets of dye ink from the eBay supplier (ND) to run some comparison tests.  In our testing, we compared our D2 Claria compatible ink, ND Claria compatible ink, and OEM Epson Claria Ink.

Digital Printing Explained 2 – PPI vs DPI

Digital images are created by a grid of colored pixels.  The number of pixels in the grids x and y dimensions determine the resolution.  This creates and easy to use system as a 3MP image with a resolution of 2048x1536 will always have 3,145,728 pixels, regardless of the colors used in the image.  The Pixel Per Inch system gives a relation between pixels and print size.  This allows a certainty of print size as a 300ppi images will always represent 300 pixels per inch, so a 1000x1000 pixel image at 250ppi will print at 4” x 4".  Typically each pixel can be any of 16.7 million colors from either the Adobe RGB (1998) or sRGB colorspaces. The 16.7 million colors is based on 8bit RGB images where each pixel can have any color created by 255 shades of each Red, Green and Blue (255 * 255 * 255).

Digital Printing Explained 1 – MegaPixel (Image Resolution) vs Print Size

In this series we will be looking into the printing process, and how to get images; from the camera, into the computer, and printed.  This post will focus on the first part, how to get images from the camera and how the camera contributes to the printing process.

How many Mega Pixels do I really need?

Today, camera consumers are bombarded with spec based marketing, where bigger Mega Pixels (MP) implies better quality and demands more money.  The question we always get is, "How do these big MP numbers correlate to the final print?".  While there are some great reasons to have more pixels available, when printing, more does not always equal better.  The first and most useful aid is the standard print size to resolution chart.

While this chart is a useful guide, the final application of the print will determine what ppi is required.  The two biggest factors that determine minimum ppi are printer type and distance from the print (application).  A great example of this is the difference between an 5"x7" photo, 18"x24” poster and a 14’ x 48’ billboard.  The expectation is that the 5"x7" photo will be held at no more than 12"-14" away for viewing, while the poster will be several feet or more away and the billboard will be hundreds of feet away.  The human eye's ability to distinguish dot density (resolution) is based in part on distance from the print, so the further the viewer is from the print, the lower the resolution (ppi) requirements for a satisfactory print.
20May/13Off – More Than Just Ink

Laser Toner Reference Chart

Don't get stuck paying too much for laser toner. With InkSupply Compatible and Remanufactured toner cartridges
you get the same high resolution and yield that you see with standard cartridges, but at a much lower price.
Use our reference chart below, or click on your Printer Manufacturer in our menu to find toner cartridges by printer.

Inksupply Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges start with a new empty toner body. After being inspected, these bodies
are filled with a brand/cartridge specific toner powder that ensures proper function, yield, contrast and resolution.

Inksupply Remanufactured Laser Toner Cartridges start with a used OEM toner cartridge. We dissasemble and inspect the
cartridge for defects before throughly cleaning the cartridge body. After cleaning, any defective components are replaced
and the cartridge is filled with the same high quality toner that is used in our compatible cartridges.

All Inksupply laser toner cartridges are covered by our 60 Money Back Guarantee,
so buy with confidence.


Empty Compatible T200XL For Epson Printers Now In Stock!

Building on their popular 4 color pigment lineup, Epson has recently released a refresh to their popular business oriented WorkForce All-In-One lineup.  If you are in the market for a feature rich color document printer for your home or office, it is worth taking a serious look at Epson's latest and greatest.

With OEM Epson XL Capacity Cartridges starting at $29.99 Black/ $16.99 Color, we estimate an OEM cost of $0.016 per print.  With an REF-T200XL-4-KIT Refill Kit, the cartridge costs drop to  $2.50 Black & Color, and an estimated cost of $0.003 per print for a black print.

-4 Color Pigment for colorful and durable prints.
-Easy Connect with USB or WiFi
-Fax or Scan with built in document feeder
-Print up to 9ppm Black or 4.7ppm Color
-Price: Starting at $99
-Big Savings with REF-T200XL-4-KIT Refill Kit

Refill Kits, Cartridges and Bulk Ink available for:
Epson Expression Home XP-200
Epson WorkForce WF-2540
Epson Expression Home XP-300
Epson Expression Home XP-400
Epson WorkForce WF-2520
Epson WorkForce WF-2530

*Cost Per Print based on black text with 5% page coverage.


Epson Stylus Pro 7700 & 9900 now supported


No doubt Epson has developed impressive wide-format printers. If you’re in the business of needing a machine capable of producing numerous high quality prints such as banners or fine art, then you likely know all about them, and the associated cost with printing (cue melodramatic music). Your question must be, “How can I run my business using these innovative printers without breaking the bank?” The answer is Inksupply. We not only provide amazing inks to get the job done, but we promise uncompromised quality and endless tech support should any issue arise.

If you have the 24” Epson Stylus Pro 7700 or the 44” Epson Stylus Pro 9900, you’ll find our K4 (The equivalent to Epson’s K3) works flawlessly with the all inclusive kits built with you in mind. One click will supply all you need to begin printing and on with your day. These kits include funnel fill cartridges which provide the easiest filling solution imaginable (see instructions here), the full inkset required for your particular printer, a chip resetter, and funnels.

The vivid magenta included with inkset will present the widest color gamut while the combination of photo and matte black simultaneously installed in the printer allows for uninterrupted printing regardless of the chosen media.

To find the refill kits or other products for the Epson Stylus Pro 7700 or 9900, follow the links below.

Epson Stylus Pro 7700

Epson Stylus Pro 9900

Refill instructions

K4 inks

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Summer Solstice 2012- you NEED to know this!


Wednesday June 20th is the longest day of the year. Summer Solstice marks the beginning of summer, and for many, the commencement of outdoor fun lasting from dawn till dusk. While you’re out there splashing around, showing off that new bikini, or manning the grill, think about not only capturing your exciting moments on your camera, but print those bad boys! Instead of forking over hard earned cash on imitation art, use real life images to enhance your home or office. Beach settings are ideal; the natural background makes it easy to capture beautiful shots everyone will envy.

But what about harsh light and shadows you ask? No worries, check out for several tips on shooting on a bright summer day. The best time is just after dawn or before dusk while around noon is least ideal. Also, you do not need an expensive camera to get print quality photos. DPS also has great tips on shooting with an iPhone which can then be transferred to your computer and tweaked to your specifications.

Currently is running a sale on accessories. Right now get 15% off, (shhh, you can get free shipping over $50 on top of the savings since no promo code is needed!) now is the time to stock up on cleaning solution or replace odds and ends that have found themselves seemingly lost along with all the left socks after laundry day ;-)


World Environment Day 2012


In 1972 the United Nations began World Environment Day which occurs annually on June 5th. Each year there is a different theme to focus on. This year is “Green Economy: Does it include YOU?”  Green Economy initiatives focus on finding alternative ways to sustain our global economy by reducing environmental risks while improving social equity. For a complete understanding and ideas on creating more sustainable business practices, check out WED’s site.

This year’s host country is Brazil which, besides being beautiful, has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  The North American host city is Washington D.C. which has promoted a green economy by linking Earth Day and World Environment Day using the theme: “Unite for a Sustainable D.C.” implores you to check out the World Environment Day site for further information and think about how YOU can be included! By lowering consumption, supporting local agriculture, and making smart choices when shopping you are advocating for a Green Economy and making a difference every day.

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The Savings & Ease of use will Blow you AWAY! All you need to know about Bulk Ink Refilling

Sparkler copy

Bulk Ink Refill Kits are now on sale at We're offering these kits at such a bargain to entice those of you who don't currently refill to take the leap and find out why so many people refill with If you were worried about the process or initial cost, now you have a great opportunity to give it a try. Read on to find out exactly what is included in a Refill Kit and the deals you can score on them right now. While you’re there, visit the Instructions section to find step-by-step directions for your cartridge type. Saving on your ink supplies has never been easier!


Above is a commonly used Empty refillable ink cartridge provided by There are many others types that are included with Ink Refill Kits, however for our purposes we will focus on one of the more widespread styles. The cartridge you have from the manufacturer (Epson in this case) will look different. It may be opaque black or grey and obscure your view of the ink level.

Parts of the Cartridge:

Fill Plug:  This is the plug that will be removed when injecting ink into the cartridge.

Vent Plug:   This is the plug that should be removed after filling. The cartridge will not work properly if the Vent Plug is not removed because it allows airflow into the cartridge as ink is dispensed.

If the Vent and Fill Plugs are both either clear or white:

It is still easy to tell which is which; when the cartridge is inside the printer look down at the cartridges. Those closest to your body are the Vent Plugs. This will be true for all cartridges with this set up.

Exit Port:   This is where ink leaves the cartridges and goes into your printer. If you prime the cartridge this is where you will insert the Bottom Fill Adapter.

IMORTANT: Never take the plastic seal off of the Exit Port; it holds the seals in place.

Refilling the Cartridge:

Syringe and Needle:    To fill the cartridges with InkSupply bulk ink, you will first secure the Needle onto the Syringe. This is done quite easily using a twist lock connection. (For those of you that cringe at the word Needle, don't sweat it. Our Needles are completely blunt - they're about as sharp as a Bic pen)

Load the Syringe with 12 cc’s of ink, making sure the color you’re loading matches up with the cartridge you’re working on.  Then simply insert the Needle into the cartridge where you previously removed the Fill Plug and slowly empty the Syringe into the cartridge.

Bottom Fill Adapter:   This handy little plastic piece is used for priming your cartridge after it’s been filled. First you will remove the Vent Plug, then take the Needle off of the Syringe and twist it on in the Needle's place. You will puncture the Exit Port with this and extract 1-2 cc’s of ink from the cartridge. This is not hard, but the tip of the Bottom Fill Adapter can be wetted with water to help ease it through the seal.

                NOTE: There will be enough Syringes, Needles, Bottom Fill Adapters, etc. for each color so that   no color contamination is possible. When you're done, simply wash them out with distilled water and retain them for the next refill.

Quick Reset Chip Feature:

Many of the cartridges provided through are equipped with a Quick Reset Chip that communicates to the printer how much ink is left in the cartridge. To reset it, wait for the printer to tell you the cartridge is at 10% capacity, then remove, refill, and reinsert the cartridge into the printer. Not all cartridges have this type of chip, so be sure to read the product description to know what type of chip is included with your particular cartridge.

Bulk Ink:

We take great pride in our ink at because it is manufactured in the United States to the highest quality specifications available. The Refill Kit for your printer will contain bottles of bulk ink and perform equal to, or in many cases, better than the ink supplied by the original manufacturer. Unlike bargain brand ink, you will not need to worry about the ink clogging or dissolve your printhead because it is formulated for the specific printer it is being sold for. If you've clogged your printhead with bargain ink, don't be embarrassed. You might be able to save it with our cleaning cartridges and save yourself the cost of a new printer.

If you have any questions about the ink please visit our bulk ink page at INKSUPPLY.COM or contact one of our ink adoring ambassadors for more information.

Before you go…

  • Need further details on a cartridge type different from what you see above? Let me know, I’d be happy to highlight your specific cartridge or printer in the next blog.
  • Complete Refill Kits aren’t available for all printers. Some you will see an “OEM kit”. This means you can refill the original cartridges with Inksupply bulk ink. The OEM kit will provide the tools you need to refill those specific cartridges.
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Pre-Memorial Day Sale- Up to 45% off Refill Kits


Get ready for Memorial Day weekend by finding a new way to save yourself a ton of cash. Now is the time to order that refill kit you've been thinking about. Now is the time to try something new.

Some of you have heard of bulk ink refilling, however, are worried it would be too awkward, time consuming, or messy to try. Today I challenge you to give the idea another look. is offering select refill kits at a significant savings- UP TO 45% OFF in an effort to prove to you how  fast and simple the process really is. We have straightforward instructions available for every cartridge type we sell, and many of them also have YouTube videos to help along the way. If you're at all nervous about refilling

Each refill kit contains cartridges, 2oz ink bottles, and all filling supplies (needles, syringes, gloves, etc). The number of cartridges and ink bottles provided will depend on which printer you have, so be sure to look for your particular printer model when ordering. If you have any trouble finding your printer, please give us a call or contact us via email/live chat; any one of our friendly associates will be happy to help.

The inks provided with the kits will be formulated for your specific printer as well. Enjoy significant savings without losing quality. bulk inks are proudly made in the USA and will perform as well as or better than the original manufacturer's ink.

Stop by today and see how much you can save by refilling your own cartridges.

Select your printer - Buy your kit - Save your money!