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Preserving your Scrapbook Photos

Scrap-booking: what you really need
to know to save your precious memories.

There are two primary key factors in storing a scrapbook photo. The first is the paper you print on and the second is the ink you use. There are other factors such as where and how you store your prints, how much light the prints are exposed to, the amount of handling they incur. But quality paper and ink are the two major factors for longevity. has gathered a web page of vital information to help educate consumers about the critical elements of archival photo storage for scrapbooking photos.

Inkjet paper coatings play a huge role in the look of the final prints. When you use regular low cost office paper, the small droplets of ink . . . . .

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8Aug/07Off breaks learning curve for Digital Black and White ink jet printing

What's new with Digital Black and White Ink Jet Printing?

True gray scale printing has traditionally been a challenge with color ink in an inkjet printer. With the latest advances in digital imaging production, many photographers that once considered themselves darkroom only are finding new opportunities in the possibilities and options that are offered by Digital Black and White Ink Jet Printing.

Gallery quality black and white ink jet printing is now a reality.

To help guide users to the correct Black & White ink set for their specific printing needs has established a 3 tier system that breaks the printer ink combinations down into groups based on required: user experience, software, printer model, and additional hardware required. This system will allow users to pick an ink that will work with their existing printer, or guide new users to a total solution that will fit their printing needs.


InkJet Heat Transfer Ink

NEW - InkJet Heat Transfer Inks

This new inkset has colors that have been formulated for a high resistance to sublimation, a high water resistance after application, and the broadest color gamut available in a heat transfer ink set. No profile is required with Epson Ultrachrome printers.

The HT Heat Transfer Inkjet Inks have been designed specifically for iron-on and heat press transfer applications.

Epson and other black and yellow inks exhibit problems in heat transfer applications. Most commonly the black runs and the yellow turns green due to the high temperature (sublimation). Both of these problems have been resolved with the new HT Heat Transfer Inks.

They have high fade resistance, durability and water-resistance. These inks are perfect for use with T-Jet T-Shirt Heat Transfer Paper, O-Jet Transfer Paper, and Glo-Jet Transfer Paper.

Use the T-Jet paper when transfering to light or white fabrics. Use the O-Jet paper when transferring to dark fabrics. The Glo-Jet paper is for glow in the dark applications. All of these papers are available on the site.


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