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Mimaki/Roland Solvent Ink Cartridges

Solvent Inks at a Big Savings !!

Get a big boost from this new ink set of compatible solvent-pigment inks available for Mimaki JV3 printers and Roland printers. is now shipping compatible solvent inks for Mimaki and Roland printers. These new inksets are available in both 220ml and 440ml cartridge sizes as well as in bulk bottle quantities of 1 liter or 4 liter.

Also available is a cleaning solution in bulk or cartridges to help clear any clogging. Cleaning cartridges work in all positions, so no need to buy a full set.

Rely on for all of your ink needs in advertising, digital photography and art. A one stop shop for all of your printing needs.

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Epson Stylus Pro 7800/9800 Compatible Funnel Fill Cartridges

The Newest Funnel Fill Cartridges!!

Destine to be our hottest product of the year, these new and easy to refill cartridges allow for easy viewing of the ink levels and fast refilling. The cartridges come with standard chips installed and require an SK188 to be reset after each refill.

The cartridge holds approximately 250cc of ink. There simply is no easier method for refilling cartridges for the 7800 and 9800 printer platform.

Order your 7800/9800 Cartridge Set today. Also, our K4 inks are a spectacular match on these printers, the color gamut simply can not be beat.

You can reveiw the instructions here before buying. Because the 7800 and 9800 printers pressurize the cartridges, be certain to power off the printer and allow it to reset a few minutes before refilling.

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Epson Stylus 1400 Continuous Flow System

Our Newest CFS unit!!

New this month, we are releasing the newest Continuous Flow System for the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer. The 1400 has a 13 inch print feed, uses Epson's new Claria dye ink, and is destine to be the long awaited replacement for the older sturdy 1280 series printer.

This new CFS unit will be available pre-filled or empty with auto reset chips installed. We offer a compatible Claria ink for this printer and we soon will be offering a pigment inkset for this printer as well.

The Epson Stylus 1400 is a replacement printer for the very popular Stylus 1280. The advantage of the 1400 is that it uses separate cartridges for each of the color positions which differs from its predecessor the 1280.

CNET has written an in-depth review of the Epson 1400. This printer also prints faster and is very quite over other Epson models. The new paper handling functionality is also a welcome change for thicker papers.

Here at we are elated about the future of this printer. It appears that Epson has made the right improvements while leaving much of the desired functionality in the 1400, the best of the 1280, along with the benefits of the newer technology. For example, separate cartridges for each color position.

Order Your CFS

We have been testing the 1400 with both pigment inks and some of our black and white inksets, and we are finding rewarding results. We are still not near the release of any additional inksets for this printer, the results are better then promising at this point. Our window for launching pigment inks is about 30 to 90 days.

There are some caveats with regard to the chips on Claria ink printers, see our future posting regarding chips for these printers.