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ITC 337 Ruling Approved by President

Jan. 15 , 2007, President George W. Bush and the Office of the U.S.Trade Representative allowed the 60 day Presidential Review Period to expire without modifying the
General Exclusion Order by the U.S. International Trade Commission that bars all imports of infringing
cartridges. As a result, the Order is being actively enforced by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection

ITC 337 prohibits the distribution and sale of new or refilled cartridges that infringe on the Epson US patents. Read the specifics of this at

At about the same time ITC 337 became effective, Epson lost the support of the US Patent Office in the Nine Star case. The Patent Office decided to reject two critical EPSON patents because they were based on prior art and they were neither creative nor novel. These patents were preventing the import of cartridges for the 200, 220, 300, 320, 800, 1800, 2100, 2200, 2400, and the 1400 printers.

Despite this ruling by the Patent Office, these cartridges are still included in ITC 337. We are told it will be reviewed in Feb of this year to determine if these can be excluded. Let's hope there is some relief coming in future.

Epson has asked us to cease selling the new and refilled cartridges that infringe on their patents, per ITC 337.

Until we can get confirmation from our suppliers that the cartridges we purchase from them do not infringe, we are suspending further sales of our new compatible and remanufactured Epson cartridges.

We have no choice. Our ability to either fight or defend ourselves against Epson is not an option.

We will continue to sell our bulk inks and other non-infringing products for Epson printers as well as HP, Canon and Lexmark. We will still be here for you, to help answer technical questions, and provide product support. We will be strengthening our other products lines to compensate for this unfortunate situation. Please continue to look to us for all of your inkjet printing needs. Feel free to contact us if you can not find what you need, we will always be happy to help you find what you need to keep printing top quality work at a cost effective price.

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