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Navigation Made Easy

We have made navigation on the site easier. Now there is software installed that will build a custom page for your printer. All the MIS products we have for the printer you choose will be displayed after the page is built.


Your Account Upgraded

We have added a couple of nice features to the MY Account page on our site.

1. Tracking numbers now available.

When you login to your account, you will now see
the Tracking number (UPS, FedEx, PostOffice) for
your latest shipment. If you click on the tracking
number, then you will see the tracking info from the
carrier. This data will not be available until after
the carrier has picked up the package from MIS, usually
after 5 pm EST.

2. Re-Order Reminders.

When you login to your account, you will see your
order history. After each line item there will be
a hyperlink that says... ADD. If you click on this
link, you can set a reminder date to have our server
send you an email reminding you it is time to
re-order that item. This feature is totally up to
you, we do not do it for you. Reminder emails can
be sent as soon as 30 days from date of purchase.
Try it, it is just a reminder, not a commitment.

To LOGIN to your account, click on the Login button on the top left of the home page, or on the My Account button on the bottom of any page. Then put in your email address, and password. If you don't know for sure what email address you have used for your account, call us we will help you.


Personal Privacy Threatened by Color Laser Printers

In an article from USA Today, they expose that over 100 brands of color laser printers now print, in secret code, the printer serial number and in some cases, when the print was made. If you have registered your printer with the manufacturer, then the prints you make can be tracked right back to you. If you sell or give away the printer, keep a record of it. If it is used to produce currency, then the Feds may be knocking on your door.

Read the full article

The good news is, these secret codes are not produced by inkjet printers.

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UPS Sends Out a Warning

UPS has sent a warning about a potential virus. If you get an email from UPS with an attachment, don't open the attachment.

UPS sends our email delivery notices by the thousands, everyday. But rarely do they contain attachments.

UPS is one of the very best ways to ship. Don't hesitate to use them.

Read the UPS Warning

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Black Only Product Line Updated

We have added Refill Kits, Bulk Ink, and Bulk Feed System products to the BLACK ONLY product offerings. You can now buy Black Only inks in 2 oz, 4 oz, pints and gallons. This is on the Black Only Page. On the OEM Refill Kit Page, if you select the R800 or R1800 printers, you can get the inks needed for Black Only printing. On the R1800 CFS or the R800 CFS pages you can purchase an empty CFS and the Black Only ink needed for Black Only printing.

Black Only printing is becoming more popular. We have had many requests to make it easier to buy the supplies need to print with these inks. Thank you for your patience.