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31Oct/08Off Introduces Vivid K4 Magenta and Light Magenta Inks

New Vivid Magenta inks expand the K4 color gamut for extreme blues and purples previously outside other ink sets color spectrum. The light inks in the set allow for very smooth transitions, and even the printing of watercolors and pastels. This ink set also includes three black inks, these allow for smoother gradations that will add intense depth to your black and white printing.

For more information on these inks please go to our K4 ink page

Note: New Vivid Magentas cannot be used with older non-compatible printers.

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Continuous Flow System for Epson R1900 Released

R1900 CFS Bulk Feed System

The R1900 continuous flow system along with our updated R1900 inks is now available for order. The R1900 CFS contains a updated version of our R800 pigmented inks which includes an updated Yellow and new Orange ink that replaces the R800 blue and allows for an improved color gamut. This CFS system comes prefilled with a 4oz inkset, which equates to ten OEM cartridges sets of ink.

For more information please visit our R1900 CFS page.