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What’s Important About Shipping

We recently conducted a survey where we asked the question.."What's Important About Shipping".

Not surprising, the price came out as the most important thing. But what is 2nd, 3rd, etc most important was very interesting.

No one wants to receive a damaged package, so Handling was second. And everyone wants a Delivery Promise they can count on.

How fast it gets there, who the carrier is, and whether there is tracking available were not as important as the other criteria.

We totally agree with the opinions of our customers. The price and quality of the delivery of the package is vital to having a good purchasing experience.

We strive to maintain the highest possible standards in getting the products to your door.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey,


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Product Reviews

We have added a 5 star rating system to our products. You will see this just below the "Add to Cart" button.

Product ratings and reviews make it easier for our customers to make a purchase decision. They can see the 5-Star rating (5 being the best), and they can read reviews written by other customers.

We think this information is a valuable addition to our website and a feature our customers will appreciate.

Because this is new, and we just added it, you will not see many reviews or ratings, YET. Please participate by rating the products you purchase, and writing a brief review.

Your identity will never be revealed. Your review will be shown unedited. Only reviews from customers that have actually purchased the item will be shown. So they will be the experiences from actual users, not from non-customers, and not written by MIS employees.

The value of our site as a resource for printer supplies will be significantly enhanced as the number of product ratings grows and the number of reviews increase.

So, please rate the products you purchase and write a review or two.

Thank You,


New Low Prices and Shipping Rates at

With the current worldwide economy, we have been working hard to find ways for our customers to save more money. We have been working with all of our vendors to find new and unique ways that would allow us to cut costs, and pass the savings to our customers. Below are a few of the projects that we have been working on.

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High Contrast Black and White From Color

There are many techniques that can be used to convert a color image to grayscale using Adobe Photoshop. The
numerous techniques lead to endless discussion on which is best. has created 2 pdf documents that outline two techniques that will allow for more control over the
conversion compared to simply clicking on Image > Mode > Grayscale in Photoshop. While there are many
other methods to create a grayscale image, experts disagree on which method is best.

Hue and Saturation B&W

Channel Mixer B&W

Note that these techniques are not necessarily needed when printing with MIS Black and White inks. Please use the appropriate workflow for your inkset.


New Website

We installed our new website today, 5/18/09. It is not a major change to the content. All the products and information that was there previously is still there.

The new site is more search engine friendly, and we have made it easier to find products. We hope you like it.

We also wanted to eliminate the javascript menus at the top of the page, because many potential customers do not have javascript enabled in their browsers. Plus we added some new widgets to show you the products other customers buy, and we have one for new products as well.

If you prefer to use the old site, it is still there. We put a link to it at the top of the home page. You can click here to go there.

We respect your opinions, so if you have some comments about the new site, please let us know.