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25Jul/09Off now offers PayPal….

As you know PayPal has increased the convenience of online
shopping with quicker checkouts without ever exposing your
credit card information. With this in mind we have decided
to grant our clients the option to pay using PayPal. We also understand that in these tough economic times PayPal gives
the advantage of paying directly from a checking account without the need of a credit card.

If your not familiar with PayPal we have enclosed a small bit of information going through how the process works
and what makes PayPal not just another payment solution...

Payments with PayPal are always secure, quick and easy just
click on the PayPal Express Checkout Button in your shopping cart to get
started today...


For all other transactions be sure to click on the Secure Checkout button.
This will allow you to use our standard secure shopping cart.

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Testing an Inkjet Printer Using Purge Patterns

If you have ever struggled to get your printer to print perfectly, without banding, this information may help you.

Inkjet nozzles are very small, about 1/3 the diameter of a human hair. Hard to see with the naked eye. On the bottom of the cartridge or print head there is a bank of nozzles (16, 32, 64 or more) for each color. If one or more of these nozzles are blocked, you will see skipping or bands of white on your printouts.

This is not good. Not only will the white bands (no ink) be objectionable, but the blended ink colors will not come out right. The printer only has base color to work with (cyan, magenta, yellow, black in a 4 color printer). All the other 16 million colors are from blending these base colors. If some of the nozzles in the print head are blocked, the colors will be off, sometimes way off.

Okay, so what to do to get them unblocked.

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MIS Associates Inc ( is offering two bundled printing solutions, for a limited time only.

The R1900 bundle comes with a brand new Epson R1900 printer and a complete set of ink equivalent to 10 cartridge sets. The C88+ bundle comes with a brand new Epson C88+ printer and a MIS Auto Inking system. You will never have to buy a cartridge again. The ink included is equivalent to 10 cartridge sets.

These bundles include everything needed to get up and printing your files and photos quickly and cost effective. Enclosed below are the solutions currently offered...

R1900 Bundle

C88+ Bundle

Act fast, supplies are limited and the offer ends soon.

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