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Clean One Clean All And Screen Printers Too?

Is your printer missing nozzle check lines, banding or missing color all together? Possibly looking for an efficient way to store your printer?

Desktop Printers

Check out our line of cleaning cartridges to solve your printer troubles. Our lines of cleaning cartridges are simple to use or make yourself.
Simply start with a bottle of our cleaning solution better known as MIS-FLUID. Our fluid comes in a variety of sizes and works in all manufacturers
that have empty cartridges available. The cleaning solution is injected into the cartridge just like any ink would be and then you have yourself a
cleaning cartridge. The cleaning cartridges works similar to regular cartridges as well. Once filled, insert the cartridges into the printer and print
normally for about 4 or 5 pages or until you notice the prints are completely blank. Last, you will let the cartridges remain in this state for
24 to 48 hours to let the cleaning solution dissolve any dry pigments that can cause these issues.


Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers are a little bit different when it comes to cleaning cartridges. Wide format printers will need to be purged a bit more due to the lines inside of the printers that hold up to 5 square feet of ink. There are a couple of ways to purge these printers...

Printing our purge pattern that is best suited for your printer type
until the cleaning solution has been worked through the printer
lines and into the print head. This will be evident once the pages
start to become faint. Once you get a completely blank purge pattern print your cleaning solution has worked completely through the print head. Once this has taken place, the printer can either be stored for future use, or the printer can be left to soak for 24 to 48 hours if you would like to clean the print heads and lines. After you are done with the cleaning cartridges, this process can be repeated with the color cartridges you would like to use.

Check your printer manual to be sure that your wide format printer is compatible with this
purging method. This method will require that all of the ink cartridges be installed at
once in the printer in order to complete the procedure. Once the ink cartridges are
installed, simply follow the instructions in your printer manual in order to complete the
procedure properly. Once complete, the printer will drain all of the printer lines into the
printer's maintenance tank.


Screen Printers

Screen printers are a growing market in our industry and we have found recently that our screen printing clients found our cleaning cartridges
especially helpful. This is due to the swapping of the unused color cartridges with our more cost effective refillable ink cartridges.
Joined with our black dye based ink, and bulk quantities of our MIS Fluid cleaning solution. This has proven to be a great solution for anybody
wanting to cut up to 80% on screen printing costs.


Whats Next?

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Get started by clicking on any of the images above to find the products needed. Click on "select cartridge" to find your printer manufacturer and printer model to get prefilled or empty cleaning cartridges.

Click on "select fluid" to get our "MIS-FLUID" in bulk form. Click on "select tools" to find syringes, needles, fill adapters or resetters.

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