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How To: Disabling the Printer Ink Monitor for Canon


Have a Canon printer using the CLI-226 cartridges? Are you finding yourself asking, why-o-why can't I find a chip resetter for these? Here's the deal... no chip resetting (auto, quick, or otherwise) instead you need to disable your printers ink status monitor to reset the cartridges after refilling. No worries, we're here for you!

  • Once you see the message alerting you to the fact one or more cartridges are empty, you will click "OK" to continue.
  • Another message will appear saying something like, "an ink tank that was once empty is installed . Printing under this situation could damage the printer". Click yes to continue.
  • The next message will say something similar to "Canon shall not be liable for any printer malfunction or damage caused by refilled ink tanks". Again click yes to continue.
  • Finally, you will see a message similar to, "Press and hold the resume button for at least 5 seconds then release it. This operation will release the function for detecting the remaining level of the following ink..." Press & hold resume on the printer now.

That's it!! Pretty much all you're doing here is saying OK to the printer's warnings, then press and hold the resume button.

Keep in mind, depending on your exact printer model, it may have the warnings worded slightly differently... but will mean the same thing. Same with the resume button; on your printer it may say stop, OK, etc., the point is, it is the same button you would be pushing if you were to clear an "out of paper" error or something similar.

One last thing to keep in mind, you will have to repeat this process with each cartridge that goes empty, but only the first time. After this you have successfully disabled your printers ink level monitor. Just remember: now you need to keep an eye on your ink levels!



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