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Refill and Reset a T125X Cartridge

T125X Cartridge

About a month ago, we released the Epson T125x cartridges. No doubt you have questions but to start with let me give you the best part of this good news; first, they have ANYTIME RESET CHIPS. That means no waiting around in wonderment.  Second, QUICK & EASY to refill or a.k.a. newbie & super busy friendly. Finally, we carry COMPLETE KITS to get you started so even if you’ve never done this before- read on my fellow Inkheads- it’s better, faster and more cost effective than you’ve ever imagined.

Let me quickly explain how these work in a nutshell: empty spongeless cartridges for the Epson are a truly spongeless cartridge. They are designed to allow air to enter from the vent hole on the top of the cartridge and flow through a set of channels to the ink chamber at the bottom of the cartridge. This set up prevents the print head from seeing pressure which in turn eliminates siphoning issues. Wahoo!

To refill a T125x cartridge you will need:

  1. 1 ½ inch needle (one for each color)
  2. Bottom fill adapter (one for each color)
  3. Syringe (one for each color)
  4. Set of empty cartridges
  5. Bottled ink

Or grab a complete refill kit including EVERYTHING you see above! Find it HERE by first selecting your printer.

Refilling the cartridge

  1. Twist and lock a 1 ½” needle to the syringe. Load that syringe with 12cc of the color ink which corresponds with the color of the cartridge you’re working with. I.e., cyan ink with cyan cartridge, magenta with magenta and so forth.
  2. Look for the fill plug… carefully remove it and you will have a little opening. This is where you refill using the syringe until the reservoir is almost full (about 12-13cc’s of ink later). You will want to leave about 1/8” of air at the top of the cartridge.
  3. Now remove the needle from the end of the syringe and attach the Bottom Fill Adapter. You will remove any trapped air by drawing out 1cc of ink from the exit port using this. The exit port is on the bottom of the cartridge; the part that comes into contact with the print head. *TIP* If you wet the bottom fill adapter is will go into the exit port seal easier… if the cartridge is new you can pre-puncture the clear film over the exit port seal if you wish, but do not remove this clear material. It holds the exit port seal in place.
  4. When you draw the ink out, make sure the fill plug in the reservoir is not installed yet. If the vent plug has been removed from the top, reinstall it to prevent air from being pulled into the cartridge through the vent. Do not cover the fill hole while drawing out the ink.
  5. Now that you’ve primed the cartridge, go ahead and put in the fill plug making sure the seal is absolutely AIR TIGHT. If the plug is damaged you will need a new one. Also what you do now is to remove the vent plug from the vent hole. So basically we’re switching here… cover up the fill/uncover the vent. Make sure you understand which is the fill and which is the vent hole, because if these instructions are followed in the opposite direction your cartridge will not work.




Your printer could be damaged if you install a cartridge without a chip attached. Check each cartridge to ensure that the chip is properly installed and tightly secured. If the chip is loose or falling off, use some Fun-Tak  or other reusable adhesive to reattach the chip.

Reset the cartridge

  1. Once the printer indicates the ink capacity is low you need to remove the cartridges from the printer.
  2. Look for two small dots in the chip, use any handy electrical conductor (such as a paperclip) and connect the two dots with both sides of the conductor.
  3. After the chip has been reset the cartridges can be refilled.
  4. Now that they are filled, reinsert them into the printer and print test pages as needed.
  5. Continue normal printing
  6. Keep in mind, your printer no longer controls you! Go ahead and do this whenever you want. Ahhh, freedom.

Compatible Cartridges and Printers

Cartridge Model                                                                              Printer Model

T1251/T1252/T1253/T1254                                                           Epson Stylus NX125/NX625/NX420/NX127

Epson Workforce 520/325/323

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