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Saving money and the world can go hand in hand. If you are a recent fan of or using refillable cartridges you have to read this... find out what the big companies don't want you to know and how to break free from their ink controlling clenches.

Bankroll benefits:

If you live in a state with bottle deposit returns you are probably accustomed to recycling the cans and bottles to get your 5 or 10¢ back. It all adds up, and even if you aren't particularly worried about going green, you are helping the environment while getting your deposit back. With refillable ink cartridges you are doing the same service, only better because you save up to 80%off the price of original cartridges depending which route you take. Get the easy to use remanufactured variety, or save even more moolah when you refill yourself by purchasing the empty cartridges and bottles of ink. Worried about making that transition? No need, it is easier than you think... we have entire kits created for each printer so you are sure to have all the supplies you'll need to get going. On top of these savings, all doubt is removed by backing it up with a 60 day warranty and providing technical support no matter how old your purchase.

Eco-ink benefits:

According to, only 20-40% of ink cartridges are being recycled. While this is a good start, it also means 60-80% are winding up in landfills. For those buying OEM's, 55.6 million American consumers are throwing out their empty cartridges instead of recycling them (Harris interactive poll, 2008). Not only do those cartridges account for over 40 million lbs. of waste in America's landfills but they also take more than 1000 years to decompose. By using refillable cartridges we have the potential of cutting that number in half. (DALLAS, Dec 28/PRNewswire) Keep in touch and watch for new ways to both save and go green with products. If you're joining us for the first time do yourself, your world, and your pocketbook a favor by trying these on for size. See how they compare, notice the exemplary quality, and judge for yourself. Think about all the effort put forth recycling paper, cans, even building materials. Our world is one of consumption, and this will not change. However through collaborative efforts we can sustain a planet which can provide a robust environment for future generations.  

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