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Many  Canon printers use CLI8 and PGI5 cartridges, and for a long time our faithful Inkheads have had to swap the chips from the OEM's and attach them on our aftermarket refillables in order to have them operate correctly. While it is a relatively easy task, it is still another step to getting what you want and taking precious moments away from other, more important things... Like printing :-)

I'm pleased to inform you that you can now truly have what you want. Check them out below; we have in stock cartridge kits for the printers requiring  the CLI8/PGI5 set up, but now with auto resetting chips (And the crowd goes wild)!! You can skip the daunting task of moving those tiny little chips over from one cartridge to another and get straight to point of placing it into your printer after filling. The auto reset function also means you will not need a chip resetter, simply wait for your printer to indicate the cartridge is low before you complete the refill. Then, place the full cartridge back into the printer & tada, the cartridges will be recognized as full once again.

F.Y.I., These cartridges are currently only available as a 4 set or 5 set and if you order an entire refill kit you will receive the cartridges needing the OEM chips. Should you have any questions or need help placing the order feel free to contact us.

4-set Compatible Printers:

5-set Compatible Printers:

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