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New MIS Squeeze Caps


Most people refill cartridges using needles and syringes. While this is a great option to save money and satisfy your ink filling needs some customers wanted another option- as a result we released the MIS Squeezer Caps. Soon after the release  we received feedback expressing the need for some minor improvements.

You spoke- we listened... is very proud to provide you the new & improved threaded MIS Squeeze Caps, now complete with an O-ring and lure lock cap. Follow these simple steps to a quick, clean and easy refilling experience.

Easy as 1 2 3

1. Attach the needle to the top of the squeezer cap fitted with the lure lock.

2. Unscrew the original bottle cap .

3. Screw the squeezer cap onto the bottle ... FILL THOSE CARTRIDGES! :-)

These caps are for use on MIS 2 oz bottles and can be found on our accessories page.

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