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Mother’s Day is Tomorrow! Are you Ready?


Ready or not, Mothers Day is here and that special woman in your life deserves to be recognized. Back in April we gave you some ideas on the great things you can do with your spring photos to prepare for Mothers Day; however it is possible procrastination took over and now you’re struggling for that last minute gift. is here to help with a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Dads- while she loves that new addition to her Pandora bracelet, a woman’s heart will truly melt when she sees the thoughtful gift you created together with your children. Need something fast and easy? Try a family photo strip (see image below). offers step-by-step instructions for this super easy project you can pull off in under an hour. Oh and guys, if you didn’t quite meet expectations on Valentine’s Day, this is your last chance to make it up before YOUR day is here June 17th.

Have a little more time and really want to woo her? Create a silhouette display of your kids. Again our friends at Kaboose offer the tutorial and tips to get you through it. This project requires a little more effort, however it is an original gift she’ll never forget.

If you have someone in your life you need a quick gift for- maybe a sister, neighbor or co-worker- head over to Etsy for instant printable stationary. Fully personalized and ready to print once you purchase the PDF. This inexpensive gift can produce a luxurious vibe yet becomes even more economical when printed using bulk ink. Now that’s smart.

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