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The Savings & Ease of use will Blow you AWAY! All you need to know about Bulk Ink Refilling

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Bulk Ink Refill Kits are now on sale at We're offering these kits at such a bargain to entice those of you who don't currently refill to take the leap and find out why so many people refill with If you were worried about the process or initial cost, now you have a great opportunity to give it a try. Read on to find out exactly what is included in a Refill Kit and the deals you can score on them right now. While you’re there, visit the Instructions section to find step-by-step directions for your cartridge type. Saving on your ink supplies has never been easier!


Above is a commonly used Empty refillable ink cartridge provided by There are many others types that are included with Ink Refill Kits, however for our purposes we will focus on one of the more widespread styles. The cartridge you have from the manufacturer (Epson in this case) will look different. It may be opaque black or grey and obscure your view of the ink level.

Parts of the Cartridge:

Fill Plug:  This is the plug that will be removed when injecting ink into the cartridge.

Vent Plug:   This is the plug that should be removed after filling. The cartridge will not work properly if the Vent Plug is not removed because it allows airflow into the cartridge as ink is dispensed.

If the Vent and Fill Plugs are both either clear or white:

It is still easy to tell which is which; when the cartridge is inside the printer look down at the cartridges. Those closest to your body are the Vent Plugs. This will be true for all cartridges with this set up.

Exit Port:   This is where ink leaves the cartridges and goes into your printer. If you prime the cartridge this is where you will insert the Bottom Fill Adapter.

IMORTANT: Never take the plastic seal off of the Exit Port; it holds the seals in place.

Refilling the Cartridge:

Syringe and Needle:    To fill the cartridges with InkSupply bulk ink, you will first secure the Needle onto the Syringe. This is done quite easily using a twist lock connection. (For those of you that cringe at the word Needle, don't sweat it. Our Needles are completely blunt - they're about as sharp as a Bic pen)

Load the Syringe with 12 cc’s of ink, making sure the color you’re loading matches up with the cartridge you’re working on.  Then simply insert the Needle into the cartridge where you previously removed the Fill Plug and slowly empty the Syringe into the cartridge.

Bottom Fill Adapter:   This handy little plastic piece is used for priming your cartridge after it’s been filled. First you will remove the Vent Plug, then take the Needle off of the Syringe and twist it on in the Needle's place. You will puncture the Exit Port with this and extract 1-2 cc’s of ink from the cartridge. This is not hard, but the tip of the Bottom Fill Adapter can be wetted with water to help ease it through the seal.

                NOTE: There will be enough Syringes, Needles, Bottom Fill Adapters, etc. for each color so that   no color contamination is possible. When you're done, simply wash them out with distilled water and retain them for the next refill.

Quick Reset Chip Feature:

Many of the cartridges provided through are equipped with a Quick Reset Chip that communicates to the printer how much ink is left in the cartridge. To reset it, wait for the printer to tell you the cartridge is at 10% capacity, then remove, refill, and reinsert the cartridge into the printer. Not all cartridges have this type of chip, so be sure to read the product description to know what type of chip is included with your particular cartridge.

Bulk Ink:

We take great pride in our ink at because it is manufactured in the United States to the highest quality specifications available. The Refill Kit for your printer will contain bottles of bulk ink and perform equal to, or in many cases, better than the ink supplied by the original manufacturer. Unlike bargain brand ink, you will not need to worry about the ink clogging or dissolve your printhead because it is formulated for the specific printer it is being sold for. If you've clogged your printhead with bargain ink, don't be embarrassed. You might be able to save it with our cleaning cartridges and save yourself the cost of a new printer.

If you have any questions about the ink please visit our bulk ink page at INKSUPPLY.COM or contact one of our ink adoring ambassadors for more information.

Before you go…

  • Need further details on a cartridge type different from what you see above? Let me know, I’d be happy to highlight your specific cartridge or printer in the next blog.
  • Complete Refill Kits aren’t available for all printers. Some you will see an “OEM kit”. This means you can refill the original cartridges with Inksupply bulk ink. The OEM kit will provide the tools you need to refill those specific cartridges.

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