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World Environment Day 2012


In 1972 the United Nations began World Environment Day which occurs annually on June 5th. Each year there is a different theme to focus on. This year is “Green Economy: Does it include YOU?”  Green Economy initiatives focus on finding alternative ways to sustain our global economy by reducing environmental risks while improving social equity. For a complete understanding and ideas on creating more sustainable business practices, check out WED’s site.

This year’s host country is Brazil which, besides being beautiful, has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  The North American host city is Washington D.C. which has promoted a green economy by linking Earth Day and World Environment Day using the theme: “Unite for a Sustainable D.C.” implores you to check out the World Environment Day site for further information and think about how YOU can be included! By lowering consumption, supporting local agriculture, and making smart choices when shopping you are advocating for a Green Economy and making a difference every day.

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