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Summer Solstice 2012- you NEED to know this!


Wednesday June 20th is the longest day of the year. Summer Solstice marks the beginning of summer, and for many, the commencement of outdoor fun lasting from dawn till dusk. While you’re out there splashing around, showing off that new bikini, or manning the grill, think about not only capturing your exciting moments on your camera, but print those bad boys! Instead of forking over hard earned cash on imitation art, use real life images to enhance your home or office. Beach settings are ideal; the natural background makes it easy to capture beautiful shots everyone will envy.

But what about harsh light and shadows you ask? No worries, check out for several tips on shooting on a bright summer day. The best time is just after dawn or before dusk while around noon is least ideal. Also, you do not need an expensive camera to get print quality photos. DPS also has great tips on shooting with an iPhone which can then be transferred to your computer and tweaked to your specifications.

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