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Is all inkjet ink created equal? A closer look at a popular dyebased ink from eBay.

IMG_8518Several months ago, our tech support staff was contacted by a local customer who had purchased a set of our aftermarket refillable Epson 1400/1430 cartridges to use with aftermarket dye based ink which he had purchased from a popular eBay seller.  The customer was having issues with clogged nozzles and ink drips on prints, which he felt might be issues with our cartridges.  As our techs worked to diagnose the problem the customer was having, other issues that could not be cartridge related, such as poor dry times, were added to the list of deficiencies.  After our techs failed to find any issues with the cartridges themselves, the customer purchased a set of our D2 inks and drained/refilled the cartridges.  After refilling the cartridges, the printer began to function normally.

These types of issues occur quite often in our industry,as the quality of ink is something that the average user has neither the equipment nor the knowledge to test.  In an attempt to get useful data for comparison and troubleshooting, we brought in 3 sets of dye ink from the eBay supplier (ND) to run some comparison tests.  In our testing, we compared our D2 Claria compatible ink, ND Claria compatible ink, and OEM Epson Claria Ink.