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Since 1994 MIS ( has offered high quality inkjet printer inks, inkjet refill kits,
inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, fine art paper, and bulk feed systems. We can save you
up to 80% of the cost of using the original manufacturers' ink cartridges. We support a full line
of printing solutions for today's Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark printers. We are known for our excellent
technical support, product knowledgebase, and easy to follow instructions. We ship most orders within 24
hours or less upon receipt of the order. All products are covered by a 60 day warranty.
Now that you are aware of who we are, let us acquaint you with our product selection. We have enclosed some
links below which will help you get on your way to a low cost solution to printing. Remember for switching
to today to use promo code STOP5 in your shopping cart to take advantage of $5 dollars
off any order over $50.


We take great pride in searching for cartridge manufacturers with the best pricing so we can pass the savings on to you.
Enclosed are links where the cartridges can be found, simply click on your manufacturer and follow the steps from the links below...

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Cartridges, Bulk Ink, CFS Systems & Refill Kits

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Print For 1/10th The Cost With a Cartridge Eliminator System

The Cartridge Eliminator, or Continuous Flow System, is an attachment for a printer that allows the printer to draw ink from a set of
outboard ink bottles to keep the cartridges in the printer full at all times. When installed, the cartridges will never have to be replaced.
For every drop of ink that goes out, onto the paper, a new drop comes in from the bottles. The print head, in the printer, has enough
suction power to make this happen. It is accomplished by using flexible plastic tubes to connect the ink bottles and the cartridges. When the
ink levels get low, just top them off and keep printing .It is used for applications were a large volume of printing is needed without spending
a fortune on inkjet cartridges. The typical operating cost of a printer with a Continuous Flow installed, is about 1/10 the normal cost. The
printer manufacturers use a similar approach for their wide format printers. Click on the links below for the system best suited for your
printer or click on the video to see one our systems in action...

Save over $20 with a 67 Cent Refill

Our inks are custom made to fit the cartridge. The physical properties (viscosity, density, surface tension and drying time) are matched exactly
to the manufacturers specifications. The colors are matched with the original manufactures colors. All of our inks use the highest quality dye or
pigment available. The dyes are water fast and will not run off the paper if they get wet. Longevity and fade resistance is optimized to be equal
or better than the original manufactures ink. These are not so called Universal inks, each one is blended to meet the physical requirements of the cartridge.
Universal Inks, as advertised on TV, contain nothing more than colored water and will ruin your printer if used repeatedly. Start saving today by selecting
your manufacturer from the links below...


Canon | HP | Epson | Dell | Brother | Lexmark | Kodak


Still Skeptical? Take A Look At The Article Below Which Shows How To Refill Your Cartridge For Just $0.67 Cents and Save Over $20!

This is my personal story of how I save money by refilling my cartridge at home .I have a HP 6310xi All In One Inkjet Printer and I don't spend more than about $8 a year on ink.
I print a ream (500 sheets) per week, mostly emails, spreadsheets, pdf documents, etc. (about 95% black).The printer came with cartridges. I am still using the original
black cartridge. Armed with a 125 cc bottle of black HP pigment ink from ($8). I get 12 refills from this bottle. One refill will last me about a little over a month.
It depends how much I print, but it averages about 4 to 5 weeks. Then the print starts getting light, and I refill .The refill process takes me about 5 minutes, from the time I pull
the cartridge out, until I put it back in the printer. It is easy, no mess, and pretty effortless....[More]

Premium Inks Sold Separately for Bulk Feed Systems and for Refilling

All of our inks sold in bottles are Made In America.
In today's economy, this means jobs and taxes for America, not China or another foreign country. We are proud of this. The Chinese
have attempted to clone or copy our inks, but they have failed miserably, and because the premium materials that go into making our
ink are costly, the Chinese can not sell it for nothing, like they do other products. So, as a result, our inks are superior to
all foreign inks and in most cases our inks surpass the quality of the inks made by the printer manufacturers.

Color Inks - We offer color dyebase and pigment inks in several configurations for just about every inkjet printer made today. We custom blend
the inks to reproduce the same colors and shades as the OEM ink, so they can be used as a direct substitute without having color
casts, or different hues. A lot of our blends produce better looking prints than the manufacturers original inks. They are totally
safe, and will not clog or damage your printer.

Black & White Inks - We also offer a full line of Black and White inks for Epson printers. When a cartridge is loaded with shades of gray (light
gray, medium gray, dark gray, and black), the printer thinks it is making a color print, but instead, it produces a great
looking black and white print.... Learn more...

Heat Transfer Inks - The MIS HT Heat Transfer inks have been designed specifically for Heat Transfer applications.
They have high fade resistance, good durability and water-resistance. Other black and yellow inks exhibit problems in heat
transfer applications. The black can run and the yellow can turn green due to heat. Both of these problems have been
resolved with the new MIS HT Heat Transfer Inks.

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