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Time Saving B&W Options


Do you mix various components to create a base for Black & White printing? I'm sure you will be interested in trying something new that will save you not only money- but more importantly, time. Now there is a better option to purchasing various components individually and mixing on your own- MIS is now offering generic premixed bases for Black & White printing, including those needed for dye base inks. You will save time and money using these formulations and produce the same result you’re used to seeing when doing it on your own.

Go to  for more information on Black & White from the creator himself, Paul Roark.

Follow the links below to navigate to the appropriate base depending on your application.

Generic Clear Base Version C6a PINT

Generic Clear Base Version C6a GALLON

Generic Clear Base Version C6b PINT

Generic Clear Base Version C6b GALLON

Generic Clear Base Version C6c PINT

Generic Clear Base Version C6c GALLON

Generic Clear Base For Claria/Noritsu PINT

Generic Clear Base For Claria/Noritsu GALLON



***These are only for use with Paul Roarks open source inks


High Contrast Black and White From Color

There are many techniques that can be used to convert a color image to grayscale using Adobe Photoshop. The
numerous techniques lead to endless discussion on which is best. has created 2 pdf documents that outline two techniques that will allow for more control over the
conversion compared to simply clicking on Image > Mode > Grayscale in Photoshop. While there are many
other methods to create a grayscale image, experts disagree on which method is best.

Hue and Saturation B&W

Channel Mixer B&W

Note that these techniques are not necessarily needed when printing with MIS Black and White inks. Please use the appropriate workflow for your inkset.


Black Only Product Line Updated

We have added Refill Kits, Bulk Ink, and Bulk Feed System products to the BLACK ONLY product offerings. You can now buy Black Only inks in 2 oz, 4 oz, pints and gallons. This is on the Black Only Page. On the OEM Refill Kit Page, if you select the R800 or R1800 printers, you can get the inks needed for Black Only printing. On the R1800 CFS or the R800 CFS pages you can purchase an empty CFS and the Black Only ink needed for Black Only printing.

Black Only printing is becoming more popular. We have had many requests to make it easier to buy the supplies need to print with these inks. Thank you for your patience.



Ilford Gold Fibre Silk has a baryta (barium sulphate) coated layer underneath the ink receiving layer equivalent to the structure of traditional fibre photographic paper base. Gold Fibre Silk is a premium quality inkjet media coated on a true photographic baryta base. This paper is perfect for printing black and white or color images with excellent contrast and smooth tonal gradation to match those of traditional photo prints.

We recommend pairing this product with our UltraTone family of inks for a traditional DarkRoom Baryta appearance. To read more about this paper click here.

8Aug/07Off breaks learning curve for Digital Black and White ink jet printing

What's new with Digital Black and White Ink Jet Printing?

True gray scale printing has traditionally been a challenge with color ink in an inkjet printer. With the latest advances in digital imaging production, many photographers that once considered themselves darkroom only are finding new opportunities in the possibilities and options that are offered by Digital Black and White Ink Jet Printing.

Gallery quality black and white ink jet printing is now a reality.

To help guide users to the correct Black & White ink set for their specific printing needs has established a 3 tier system that breaks the printer ink combinations down into groups based on required: user experience, software, printer model, and additional hardware required. This system will allow users to pick an ink that will work with their existing printer, or guide new users to a total solution that will fit their printing needs.