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New Product Alert! Epson T126 remanufactured cartridges


Not ready for refilling your cartridges using bulk ink? We have you covered! Come by and check out our new stock of remanufactured T126 for select Epson printers.  These are one time use and ready to go when they arrive at your door. The remanufactured cartridges provide a cost efficient solution while giving quality results. Click on your printer below to get yours today. We will also provide remanufactured T125 cartridges in the next week, stay tuned for more info.

Your feedback drives us! If you or someone you know has a printer that we do not currently supply cartridges for let us know and we will find a high quality, economical solution to fit your needs. Comment here or post to us on Facebook for more information.



New T676XL in Stock for Epson Workforce Pro

676set now has the T676XL cartridges available for Epson’s Workforce Pro printers. These printers won awards from Better Business Buys and PC Mag after proving to be an ideal solution for business.  The advantages of high speeds and lower per page operating costs are amplified by using Inksupply refilling tools, cartridges, and ink.

These cartridges, filled with MISPRO, will provide you the high quality you expect as it is the ideal replacement for the Epson ink you’ve been using while costing considerably less. Below are the printers these cartridges work with; click on your printer to find the bulk ink, replacement cartridges or entire refill kits now available.






Auto reset for CLI226 have arrived


The long sought after auto resets for specified Canon printers are happily made available through Moving chips over from original cartridges is not ideal for many Inkheads, and we understand. Now print faster, easier, and with less doubt when you purchase our CLI 226/225 cartridges equipped with auto resetting chips! See below for compatible printer models, if you have any questions please call, chat or email and one of our associates will be glad to assist you.





Canon PIXMA iX6520

Canon PIXMA iP4820

Canon PIXMA iP4920

Canon PIXMA MG5120

Canon PIXMA MG5220

Canon PIXMA MG5320

Canon PIXMA MG6220

Canon PIXMA MX882



NEW supplies for the Epson Stylus Photo R2000


We got the call, now we're ready to roll. Newly supported by is the Epson Stylus Photo R2000. Below you will find the breakdown of our selection for this 8-color gem which is utilizing the newer printhead technology creating higher resolution prints on paper up to 13x19" and panoramics up to 44" long. This WiFi ready printer uses the archival HiGloss2 ink set that was also used in its predecessor, the Epson Stylus Photo R1900, and will undoubtedly produce the impressive gallery quality prints whether you're a professional or a hobbyist.

We are offering a complete refill kit which includes all eight cartridges, 2 ounce inkset and all the filling supplies required to get you going.  Click here for more details or to purchase the kit. You also have the option of buying the cartridges separately- this may be useful for those of you who already own the refilling supplies and R1900 inkset. Find all the available products for the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 here. is happy to offer these products at a much lower cost. The complete refill kit will cost $149.95- that kit has the capability of refilling your cartridge 5 times. Compare that to what ONE set of original Epson cartridges will cost: $199.92! These cartridges actually become MORE cost effective over time as you can continue refilling beyond the inks provided with the set when you come back to re-order inks.



CLI8 update & SAVINGS just in time for the holidays


Early November we released the CLI8/PGI5  cartridge kits with auto reset chips. The good news was obvious; you no longer needed to swap the chips from the OEM cartridges onto the empty refillables.  Yet one small disclaimer indicated they were only available in sets of 4 & 5… not individually and not in a complete refill kit.  Just in time for the holidays we are excited to expand the CLI8 offering to include the kits containing photo magenta, photo cyan, red, and green (where applicable). Also, you can replace individual cartridges for any color position with the auto reset chip equipped CLI8/PGI5 cartridges.

Like to print your own holiday pictures? Select your printer below, grab a refill kit and you’re eligible to receive 30 FREE sheets of premium glossy photo paper. Just our way of thanking our dedicated Inkheads during the holiday season, hurry in though this offer only lasts until midnight 12/18/2011!

4 Color Printers

5 Color Printers

6 Color Printers

7 Color Printers

8 Color Printers







HP 61 Remanufactured Cartridges Now Available


On the shelf and ready to go... Remanufactured HP 61 black and color cartridges. Grab the color cartridge (part #R-CH564WN) for $20.95 and the black cartridge (part #R-CH563WN) for a mere $18.95. If you or someone you know has one of the printers listed below, this is a great time to buy with all the holiday printing you'll be doing :-)

Compatible Printers:




Many  Canon printers use CLI8 and PGI5 cartridges, and for a long time our faithful Inkheads have had to swap the chips from the OEM's and attach them on our aftermarket refillables in order to have them operate correctly. While it is a relatively easy task, it is still another step to getting what you want and taking precious moments away from other, more important things... Like printing :-)

I'm pleased to inform you that you can now truly have what you want. Check them out below; we have in stock cartridge kits for the printers requiring  the CLI8/PGI5 set up, but now with auto resetting chips (And the crowd goes wild)!! You can skip the daunting task of moving those tiny little chips over from one cartridge to another and get straight to point of placing it into your printer after filling. The auto reset function also means you will not need a chip resetter, simply wait for your printer to indicate the cartridge is low before you complete the refill. Then, place the full cartridge back into the printer & tada, the cartridges will be recognized as full once again.

F.Y.I., These cartridges are currently only available as a 4 set or 5 set and if you order an entire refill kit you will receive the cartridges needing the OEM chips. Should you have any questions or need help placing the order feel free to contact us.

4-set Compatible Printers:

5-set Compatible Printers:


Refill and Reset a T125X Cartridge

T125X Cartridge

About a month ago, we released the Epson T125x cartridges. No doubt you have questions but to start with let me give you the best part of this good news; first, they have ANYTIME RESET CHIPS. That means no waiting around in wonderment.  Second, QUICK & EASY to refill or a.k.a. newbie & super busy friendly. Finally, we carry COMPLETE KITS to get you started so even if you’ve never done this before- read on my fellow Inkheads- it’s better, faster and more cost effective than you’ve ever imagined.


How To: Disabling the Printer Ink Monitor for Canon


Have a Canon printer using the CLI-226 cartridges? Are you finding yourself asking, why-o-why can't I find a chip resetter for these? Here's the deal... no chip resetting (auto, quick, or otherwise) instead you need to disable your printers ink status monitor to reset the cartridges after refilling. No worries, we're here for you!

  • Once you see the message alerting you to the fact one or more cartridges are empty, you will click "OK" to continue.
  • Another message will appear saying something like, "an ink tank that was once empty is installed . Printing under this situation could damage the printer". Click yes to continue.
  • The next message will say something similar to "Canon shall not be liable for any printer malfunction or damage caused by refilled ink tanks". Again click yes to continue.
  • Finally, you will see a message similar to, "Press and hold the resume button for at least 5 seconds then release it. This operation will release the function for detecting the remaining level of the following ink..." Press & hold resume on the printer now.

That's it!! Pretty much all you're doing here is saying OK to the printer's warnings, then press and hold the resume button.

Keep in mind, depending on your exact printer model, it may have the warnings worded slightly differently... but will mean the same thing. Same with the resume button; on your printer it may say stop, OK, etc., the point is, it is the same button you would be pushing if you were to clear an "out of paper" error or something similar.

One last thing to keep in mind, you will have to repeat this process with each cartridge that goes empty, but only the first time. After this you have successfully disabled your printers ink level monitor. Just remember: now you need to keep an eye on your ink levels!




Canon CLI8 and PGI5 Remanufactured Cartridges

These high quality Remanufactured CLI8 and PGI5 cartridges are OEM cartridge tanks that have been thoroughly cleaned and refilled with aftermarket ChromalifeTM comparable inks.

These remanufactured cartridge feature a reset smart chip which allows the printer to maintain proper ink level monitoring, unlike many competitors products which require the users to use a depleted chip and disable the printers ink monitoring system.

We currently have CLI8 and PGI5 remanufactured cartridges in stock and ready to ship. Order your remanufactured Canon CLI8 and PGI5 cartridges today.

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