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HP02 Cartridges – 80 Cent Replacments

Do you have one of the newer HP Printers that uses the little HP-02 cartridges that hold a small amount of ink?

Ever feel ripped off when you have to keep buying them for $10.99 a pop. And there is always one that is low. So do you buy the economy package of 6 at a time. Still a rip off.

What if... you could put the ink back in the cartridge in about 2 minutes, and not make any mess. Would you do it, if it cost you only 80 cents. That would mean you save $10.19 everytime you do it. INTERESTED?

Stay tuned, I am going to show you how to do this. It is very easy.


Re-Ink HP Cartridges for 67 Cents

This is my personal story of how I save money by refilling my cartridge at home.

I have a HP 6310xi All In One Inkjet Printer and I don't spend more than about $8 a year on ink. I print a ream (500 sheets) per week, mostly emails, spreadsheets, pdf documents, etc. (about 95% black).

The printer came with cartridges. I am still using the original black cartridge. Armed with a 125 cc bottle of black HP pigment ink from ($8). I get 12 refills from this bottle. One refill will last me about a little over a month. It depends how much I print, but it averages about 4 to 5 weeks. Then the print starts getting light, and I refill.

The refill process takes me about 5 minutes, from the time I pull the cartridge out, until I put it back in the printer. It is easy, no mess, and pretty effortless.


How to Save Wasted Ink

If you are refilling your cartridges, the ink left inside is not wasted, because you don't throw it away. This is the best way to Save Wasted Ink, and help the planet a little.

PC World did a nice article about how much ink is still left in the cartridge when the printer says it is empty. Go here to Read the article.