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MIS Scrapbooking Store

Scrapbooking Supplies and Machines

We have set up a Scrapbooking Store where you can find all the most popular supplies and machines. Scrapbooking has advanced in the last
couple of years due to the introduction of the CUTTING MACHINES.

The Cricut Expression cutting machine by Provo Craft, shown above is a Must Have, for the avid scrapbooker.

Find all the cool supplies, papers, stickers, and tools in our Scrapbooking Store.

Always create your art work, prints, and photographs using MIS Archival Inks and Papers. Follow the link below for information about Scrapbooking.

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Preserving your Scrapbook Photos

Scrap-booking: what you really need
to know to save your precious memories.

There are two primary key factors in storing a scrapbook photo. The first is the paper you print on and the second is the ink you use. There are other factors such as where and how you store your prints, how much light the prints are exposed to, the amount of handling they incur. But quality paper and ink are the two major factors for longevity. has gathered a web page of vital information to help educate consumers about the critical elements of archival photo storage for scrapbooking photos.

Inkjet paper coatings play a huge role in the look of the final prints. When you use regular low cost office paper, the small droplets of ink . . . . .

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